REVIEWS 12/11/2017

Meeting Barbara Bordoni, Valentina SciarraFederica Peyrolo.




Our appointment with Flavia Bucci confirmed what we imagined reading her portfolio introduction and looking her works.

Flavia's research is based on the reason of the research itself: the knowledge. The most part of her works are based on the accumulation or catalogations of objects everytime linked with other points of studing and interest of her desire of knowledge.

Flavia Bucci was born in 1990 in Carrara where she lives and works.


REVIEWS 19/10/2017

Thursday the 19 we met Lucia Bricco (1988 born in Turin, lives and works in Rome), a young but expert performer.

She started her artistic career through painting and drawing but an accident changed her way to look the life and the spaces where she plays art. From that point to forward she shows smart ironic approach to art and never stopped to exhibith this sensitive point of view during her performances.



REVIEWS 3/10/2017


Two meetings and two great matches! We met Fabio Cavallari (1992, Brescia) whom  works are distinguished by the unpredictability of what will be shown (or will be not shown) to the spectator; trespassing in the installation, public art, and at times the performance, he always leaves us with something to doubt and think.

Ronny Franceschini (1983, La Spezia) has shown us a vast work corpus resulting from a long artistic research that, starting from a strongly pictorial imprinting, comes in the latest works to compose installations.


REVIEWS 26/09/2017

Our portfolio review program restarted in the new season with a wider character. Proposals from artists comes from all over Italy so we decided to discuss the work of some artists with the help of skype.

First of all was Andrea Barbagallo who lives and works in MIlan; he makes a wise use of new technologies but he brings  the spectator to reflect on fundamental issues such as human relationships and physical presence.



REVIEWS 21/09/2017


In our first meeting of the new season 2017/18 we met Marianna Sannino who lives and works in Naples. She showed us her path that, starting from painting, has led her to tell a story of affection. In the work "arrivals and departures" her emotive personal experience becomes everyone's experience.
We have dedicated the rest of our meeting to the screening of some short films of independent directors. Antonio Longobardi, Alessandro Gattuso and Doriana Monaco showed us their latest productions: documentary and fiction blend into an engaging narrative with an excellent photography.



REVIEWS 15/04/2017

In April we got to know Marianna Capuano. Her training orientes her own work towards reportage, but her sensitivity and communicative synthesis show an artistic language capable of reflecting on the suspension of time and on various social topics.

Marianna Capuano is born in 1991, in Cava de'Tirreni (SA), Italy.
She lives and works between Paris and Naples.



REVIEWS 28/03/2017

On march 28 we met four artists:

The premise of artistic research by Francesco Maria Sabatini is the desire to explore the painting both in its communicative potential and expressive. Social phenomena are pretext to frame bodies in the space of the canvas.

Vittoria Salabelle approaches to art in an emotional way: the physical sensibility and knowing through the five senses (especially touch) are the starting point of her research focused on "doing manual" and on the preservation of this value.

Sabina Maresca choose as medium of her work engraving. Recurring subjects in her research are the trees that are symbolic of the concept of family. S. approaches the incision "following an intuition" and sometimes "being guided by the same slab".

Ettore Marinelli expresses through sculpture: materials such as marble, wax, bronze, terracotta united to subjects of the animal world express his relationship to nature and the traditions of his hometown after the years of education and training between Naples and Paris.



REVIEWS 02/03/2017

Today Christian Costa and Andreas Zampella came to visit us . Christian Costa showed us his "Spazi Docili" project (www.spazidocili.org), through which since 2009 he explores the complicated relationship between political institutions and cultural heritage and its impact on the city community of Florence, base city of the project.

Andreas Zampella showed us the recent developments of his work whose research focuses on current expressive possibilities of the body (and of human flesh) in relation to a wide subject like freedom.


REVIEWS 28/12/2016


For our last meeting in December Marta Orlando showed us her work produced between Naples, Hamburg and Berlin; offering a stimulating reflection both on the artworks themselves both on the concept of art in general.

Emanuele Resce shows us instead the frontier by which the art object opens a window of dialogue and introspection for the viewer.



REVIEWS 21/12/2016

In our second meeting we got to know the work of Vittoria Piscitelli that through the use of iconographic elements dispels the myth of beauty.

Antonio Maestà immortalizes in his photographic work the genesis of stereotypes in an esthetic and social investigation .

The base of the work of Lucia Schettino is instead a strong informal imprint to express what is "naturally beautiful".

Luisa De Donato  showed us the work produced during his residency in Norway and its projects during construction: the attention to the mythology and the natural elements characterize his work.


REVIEWS 14/12/2016


For our first date we met Anna Pola who presented us her research focused on the "visceral folklore of the peoples" and "the spontaneous demonstrations of beauty".

Mattia Di Matteo showed us his latest series of works that explore, starting from semiotics, the relationship between emptiness and all the possibilities that are manifested in it.


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